Raise a pound a dish and help Save the Seas

By Delphine Marques, Environmental Justice Foundation

After three successful years, the Environmental Justice Foundation is launching its fourth Save the Sea Restaurant Campaign on 8 June.

The concept of the campaign is very simple: restaurants from all across the UK come together for a month (starting on World Ocean Day, 8th of June) to celebrate our global seas and oceans, while promoting marine conservation and raising awareness on illegal ‘pirate’ fishing. This is the opportunity for restaurants and chefs to show their commitment to sustainably sourced seafood. Customers are then invited to give a £1 donation to EJF on the top of their bill.

In the past years, EJF has had the support of high-profile chefs with 32 Michelin stars between them. The participants included Tom Aikens, Marcus Wareing, Martin Wishart, Shaun Rankin and Andy Waters, helping them raise over £25,000.

All donations go directly to support our Ocean Campaign, protecting fish stocks and the livelihoods of local fishermen in coastal communities in West Africa and Asia. As a result of the previous years’ funding, EJF recently produced a film on Thailand’s seafood sector showing how overfishing there is also fuelling human trafficking. They also produce alerts on suspected illegal vessels active in West Africa which are sent to the authorities, so that countries can sanction vessels and employ better fisheries management going forward.

So far there are eight restaurants signed up for this year, including a selection of SRA Members:

If you are interested in joining them, please contact: [email protected] by 4 May.


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