Rel Wins the Sustainable Restaurant Award 2015

The winner of the Sustainable Restaurant Award 2015 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants is Relae, in Copenhagen.

Chef Christian Puglisi

The world’s only organic certified Michelin-starred restaurant, Relae, is hell-bent on ensuring that the utmost care is taken in every step of its sourcing, as well as the cooking process.

Chef Christian Puglisi, a Dane of Sicilian-Norwegian origin, says that when he started working in kitchens, including at El Bulli and Noma, he did not consider sustainability, but that changed when he began to assess his own restaurant.

Christian said: “We started as being purely gastronomic – just to make good food. But it is inevitable that when you study good food you start understanding that sustainability, sustainable practices and sustainable agriculture is very closely linked to high quality food.”

“We made the choice that to be a great restaurant we needed to be a very sustainable restaurant. And we really have put our thoughts and effort into ensuring the quality in what we do would be there in every step, from the very beginning to the final touches. I don’t think you can isolate it and just be very good at cooking, very good at seasoning, very good at plating, but not considering what has happened until you receive the carcase.”

Christian and his team work tirelessly to ensure that their ingredients, which are sourced from more than 60 producers, meet their exacting standards both for sustainability and quality – the two are indistinguishable for them.

Being organic certified, means that more than 90% of the ingredients are from organic farms including the farmed fish they use and many of the wines they serve. Many of the vegetables are grown on a farm that employs adults with learning disabilities.

As you’d expect from the winner of this prestigious award, there’s a huge amount of good things going on behind the scenes at Relae too, like the restaurant’s use of 100% renewable electricity and active involvement with an apprenticeship scheme.

In short, there isn’t much that Relae isn’t doing and we congratulate them as they join previous winners Azurmendi and Narisawa in our World’s 50 Best hall of fame.

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