Sample a taste of the future at London Food Tech Week

London Food Tech Week is a week-long showcase of the companies and trends that are transforming Food Tech and the future of food. The 2016 programme is full of exciting and ambitious events.

The event, which will run from 17 to 21 October, aims to change our attitudes and behaviour towards food, using technology and ideas to help drive solutions. London Food Tech Week will be a creative hub where, through a series of inspirational talks and debates, immersive technology experiences and new product showcases, visitors can explore topics such as:

  • Lab-grown meat
  • How data, blockchain and artificial intelligence can help deliver better solutions for the hospitality industry
  • Traceability, transparency and packaging solutions
  • The potential of 3D printing food.

And there’s a really strong cast list of speakers ready to share their expertise, including: Lisa Tookey, Commercial Director of the Jamie Oliver Media Group, Danielle Nierenberg, President of Food Tank, Patrick Drake, CEO of Hello Fresh, and Peter Martin, Director of CGA Peach.

They’ll all be tackling the five themes allocated to each day of the week:

  • Sustainability
  • The Future of Food
  • The Power of Digital & Consumer Engagement
  • The Future of Dining and Restaurant Innovation
  • Collaborative Innovation and Investment

The event is ideally suited to sustainability, marketeers, brand experts and anyone involved in Innovation across hospitality and food service, manufacturing and food retail.

Discount Details

There’s a 20% discount available for SRA Members across the entire week, for as long as there are still tickets available. All the information on day packages is available via the website, and currently bookable by email: [email protected] – quoting “SRA20” in the subject line and email.

For purchasing single event tickets, input the discount code at the checkout. Please note that the discount code only works once for each person, however multiple tickets can be purchased in the same transaction.

SRA Members will also be guaranteed access to the Drinks for Sustainability Leaders in the Food Industry – which we are co-hosting on Thursday October 20th.


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