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The day is almost upon us when you can serve your customers milk that gives farmers a fair deal and everyone the assurance that the cows that produce it are free to graze outdoors. The milkshakes are on us!

We’re delighted to report that our ongoing discussions with Free Range Dairy and Food Made Good Approved Supplier Foodspeed have reached a very advanced stage – the point where we’re very nearly ready for the first deliveries.

With the UK dairy industry experiencing a serious crisis and closing at the rate of nine per week, what better to find a product that really supports dairy farmers, especially as the closures come at a time when more and more cows are being confined indoors 365 days a year, on large scale, intensive units. And there has been no way of knowing if your milk comes from farms where cows are free to graze outdoors or whether the farmer gets a fair deal.

That is until now. Free Range Dairy promotes the value of pasture-based milk production on UK farms. Farmers involved in the scheme are independently audited as part of their Red Tractor assessment and use the Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise label to show they commit to grazing their cows outdoors for at least six months of the year. This provides the cows with the freedom to exhibit natural behaviour and is the only label that gives this clear assurance. Free Range Dairy will also guarantee that its members receive 5p litre on top of the normal price they would be paid to reward them for a more sustainable farming system. See more here.

Foodspeed and Free Range Dairy are now in position to offer you the chance to be the first to source and serve milk that’s good for cows, good for farmers and a farming system your customers will support. We know that many SRA members want to serve higher welfare dairy but find the cost prohibitive and we hope this is an affordable solution for you. We believe Free Range Dairy will provide you with a premium product that you can talk about to your customers – showing them that you are supporting a system that delivers profit for farmers, freedom for cows and value for consumers.

Free Range Dairy milk will be available from Foodspeed for members in the Greater London area. At this point we’re looking at expressions of interest.  For Members in the Bristol area, there’s a similar arrangement in the pipeline with Cotteswold Dairy.

Please contact your account manager as soon as possible if you would like to go Free Range.  And, if you would like Neil or Carol from Free Range Dairy to come and tell you more about the scheme, your Account Manager can make the introduction for you.



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