StreetSmart: as easy as one, two, three

StreetSmart’s success relies on its simplicity. As a restaurateur you just add a voluntary £1 per-table onto customers’ bills during the winter months.

Every single penny raised in aid of StreetSmart in a restaurant makes a significant contribution to the work being done in your community to enable homeless people to build a better life for themselves. Our sponsor, Deutsche Bank covers 100% of StreetSmart’s operational costs.

The campaign operates during the run-up to Christmas, from 1st November to 31st December 2016.

The £1 per table charge should be added to the end of the bill as a separate category, so that till readings at the end of the day show a clear and separate charge for the StreetSmart running total.  This way, there should be no effect on VAT returns.

This is a voluntary levy and customers may decline any contribution. Our table card makes this clear to customers. Past experience suggests that less than 1% decide not to donate, but over 3% decide to give more than £1.

Restaurants can display the elegantly understated table cards, present one with each bill, or add a line to the menu to the effect that the restaurant is running the StreetSmart campaign, whereby a voluntary £1 per table will be added to the bill to support local homeless projects.

Restaurants can also get staff involved and mention their participation in the campaign to customers. Our helpful website at details which restaurants are taking part and describes the projects funded last year. You can also download our App available free for the iPhone.

Restaurants are asked to submit funds to StreetSmart before the end of February 2015: either by sending a cheque ; or by arranging a credit transfer to our account.

We’d be delighted to work with as many SRA Members as possible. So, in terms of pubs, who have table service, we’d operate exactly the same model with £1 on the bill.

For universities and caterers – we think the best approach would be a one-off day over Christmas where £1 per person is donated. Or we would consider working with you on a slightly smaller donation. like 25p, over a longer period. But, it must be added to bills and totalled on the Epos then sent to StreetSmart.

For more information contact Glenn Pougnet on 0207 2925615 [email protected]

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