Cotteswold Dairy


Cotteswold Dairy


Cotteswold Dairy is one of the largest Independent Family Dairies in the UK, supplying England and Wales. We partnered with Free Range Dairy Network to ensure our Free Range Farmers are certified with the Pasture Promise logo.

We see utilising a renewable food source, pasture, as a great way to produce great tasting milk.

The cows enjoy the full goodness of local pasture for a minimum of 180 days and we pay the farmers a premium to ensure they farm in a sustainable way. All the farms are within 15 miles of Cotteswold Dairy.

In addition to being Pasture Promise certified, our farmers are also Red Tractor certified. Full Free Range Dairy Network standards available on request.

We have 4 different Service Depots located in Cheltenham, Shropshire, North Wales and Hereford as well as our main production site in Tewkesbury.

Cotteswold Dairy are part of the food waste reduction roadmap with WRAP. Reporting yearly figures on milk waste at the production site. We also work with Fairshare and local foodbanks regarding any milk and dairy surplus. Other food waste is sent to anaerobic digesters to create energy/electricity and bio-fertiliser.

Cotteswold Dairy operates on a zero waste to landfill basis, all our general waste is sent to energy from waste incinerators. We operate high levels of recycling on our production site and ensure plastic bottles, cardboard, LDPE etc are all sent for recycling.

Most of the packaging we use is recyclable. We are working with our poly bottle supplier to try and raise the recycled content to 30% next year.
We are taking is working with our energy provider to get an electricity contract that is 100% renewable electricity.