County Linen


County Linen


County linen who both supply and offer a rental service for all textile/linen needs.

We are a member of TSA, with mandatory environmental policy’s as a part of the climate change levy/ESOS reports.

We are also now purchasing a man made brand of linen, which lasts longer and therefore produces less waste. This can also be washed with less detergent, and as it is less absorbent has a reduced drying time.

We have a zeros machine, this uses revolutionary little polymer beads. These tiny, spheroidal plastic chips are able to absorb stains, stray dye, and soil, carrying them away from fabrics, resulting in a superior cleaning process that uses less water and chemicals than traditional commercial washing machines ever could.

We have a heat exchanger of all Effluent water, the heat (54C) of the waste water is used to heat the incoming main. This has a double ended effect both reducing the energy used heating the water but also ensuring all Effluent water is cool before it enters the drainage system.

Rinse water to be reused in the main wash, as part of the wash cycle.

We are currently install solar PV’s to the roof. LED and T5 lighting.