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At Hill Cross we take sustainability seriously. Where many still look at the topic as a trend, we understand how important it is in the long run. That’s why we are working towards becoming the first fully sustainable contract furniture supplier in the UK.

From recycled and sustainable fabrics and low carbon leather, sourced from within the UK, to furniture manufactured using FSC & PEFC timber. We work with suppliers to ensure we are sourcing materials and products that meet the standards we have set to achieve our sustainability goal.

We don’t just look at our supply chain to achieve our goal. Internally we are proud to have achieved ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ and have our own source of sustainable power generated by our solar array that helps provide power to our production departments.

We work with a number of charities, supporting both local and national incentives to ensure we are giving back to the community and reaching our sustainability goals.

One such organisation is the Emmaus charity, supporting vulnerable individuals, teaching them valuable working skills.

Furniture that has reached the end of its contract life is collected from the venue. This is then taken back to Emmaus’ site to be refurbished by the charities companions who in turn learn new skills that can be used to get them back into the job market. The refurbished furniture is then sold onto individuals and the money is put back into the community. This ensures that products are not scrapped or sent to landfill and the product is given a second lease of live.

Every member of the Hill Cross team support and are actively involved in our sustainability goals.

This is driven from the very top by the companies Founder, Richard Barker. An example of this his participation in one Kiko Matthews most recent challange – Kik Plastic. This involved joining Kiko for a 90km leg of her cycle ride around the coast of the UK, followed by a beach clean to end the day.

As a company we work towards finding new and innovative materials and options for our customers to help them make their venues environmentally friendly and as sustainable as the brief requires. Contact us to discuss your requirements…