Intelligent Appliances


Intelligent Appliances


Intelligent Appliances was born out of an idea to do business in a better way. To be values-driven. To be kind. To our team, our customers, our suppliers, our community, and our planet.

As we start on our journey to investing in better, not more, we have a lot of work to do making sure that our supply chain is as sustainable as possible. Our carbon footprint is higher than we would like. We have to start somewhere though and our mindset is that we focus on ‘ever-improving. That’s another one of our values.

It’s a dream of ours to shake up how people view appliances. We want to help move away from buying the latest bit of “stuff”, using it for a while, and then chucking it out. We need to look after our planet and not be part of the problem by adding yet another appliance onto the local landfill site.

That’s why we here; investing in better, not more.