Kelsius provide Digital HACCP and Automated Temperature Monitoring systems to food businesses across the UK and Ireland including many restaurants and hotels.

Our FoodCheck 2.0 system is an automated solution that removes the need for paperwork in food safety procedures. Say goodbye to manual pen & paper monitoring when you introduce the Kelsius system into your business.

Installing the Kelsius system will greatly reduce your paper waste levels as all data is recorded electronically and readily available via the customer web portal.
In addition to this, our sensors record storage areas consistently and accurately preventing food & produce waste.

We also provide an alarm system which will immediately alert key personnel of any sudden temperature changes in storage areas meaning risks due of human error and stock loss are kept at a minimal.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like a free demo of the system or have any questions about how it works! We are here to help food businesses make the move to an automated and sustainable food safety solution!




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