Kiss the Hippo


Kiss the Hippo


We believe that coffee can be a powerful force for good. It’s why we’re dedicated to supporting the people at every link of our coffee chain; from the farmers who grow our coffee to the guests who enjoy the final cup.

By partnering with charities at the global and local level, we hope to help make the world a better place
– one cup at a time.


Direct Trade Coffee – We build strong bonds with our producers by quaking with them directly, and visiting them at least every 12 months.
100% Transparency from farm to cup – We share every step your coffee takes on its journey to you.
We believe in Fairer Trade – We’re dedicated to paying at least 50% above the Fair-trade Price for all our coffees.
Doubling Donations for World Coffee Research – For every kilo of coffee we buy, we donate double the amount that WCR has requested of roasters in the industry.


The World’s Most Eco-friendly Roaster – We roast all our coffee using state of the art Loring Smart Roaster. Energy efficient, and almost emission free, its the most environmentally friendly roaster in its class.
Organic Certified Roastery- Our Roaster is Certified Organic by Soil Association, which has worked to create a more sustainaible and transparent food system in Britain & abroad since 1946.


Zero Waste Policy- We work with Karma to ensure that none of our food is wasted, if not sold, day-end items are donated to local charities.
Transforming Used Coffee into Biofuel -We send all our used coffee grounds to bio-bean to be transformed into advanced biofuels.
Compostability First- We prioritise compostability wherever possible – all of our straws, cups, lids, takeaway boxes and cutlery are 100% compostable.
Clearer Water- We serve Clearer Water in our cafes, Clearer is a social enterprise, meaning 100% of their profits go back into the business allowing them to create great jobs for disadvantaged people and fund clean water projects in developing countries.

Accredited Living Wage Employer- we care about all our team members, that’s why Kiss the Hippo pays thew living wage to every employee.

We give back

Planting Trees in #KisstheHippoForest – For every pod subscription we’re planting a tree in a reforestation project in Nepal, in partnership with On a Mission.

Providing Kenyan Students with Clean Water – We’ve partnered up with Just a Drop, and with every pin and Kenyan Coffee sold, we donate a percentage to build a rainwater harvesting tank that will provide Mwambui Secondary School with safe, clean water.

Protecting Peru’s Indigenous Lands – To celebrate the grand opening of our Fitzrovia cafe, we partnered up with the Rainforest Trust UK and saved 3,280 acres of indigenous land in Peru’s Amazon rainforest.

Safeguarding the El Dorado Reserve in Colombia- On our first anniversary. we donated all of the day’s proceeds to the Rainforest Trust UK – successfully saving 71 acres of endangered rainforest.

Raising Literacy Levels in the UK – We partnered with the National Literacy Trust to build a charitable Bookshop in our Cafes.

Innovative Recycling with the London Zoo – We donate all of our old coffee sacks to the London Zoo, where they are reused as toys, bedding and enrichment materials for primates