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Linden Leaf


What are Cocktail Elements?

Cocktail Elements are organically certified , 100% natural atomised sprays that deliver a fresh burst of fragrance to cocktails, simple serves and food. Crafted to an incredibly high quality, our production techniques only require about 3 lemons to produce a spray that can garnish over 100 drinks

This not only creates obvious financial savings for the user but massively reduces carbon footprint on the importation of tropical fruits, reduces waste that occurs when using fresh fruit and cuts down on cost and hours of prepping garnishes for bars.

Also as we adjust to the ‘new normal’ Cocktail Elements eliminates possible contamination issues that arise from prepping and handling garnishes.

Available in Orange, Lime, Lemon, Yuzu, Citrus Pepper & Coffee in a consumer 20ml (100 serves), trade 50ml (250 serves) & even a 60ml (350 serves) festival bottle with water proof labelling.

How do we make Cocktail Elements:

Produced using a proprietary, chilled distillation technology tuned at a molecular level, our hyper-concentrated extracts deliver the freshest, just-cut fragrance of the finest organic fruit and herbs. Each botanical is chosen carefully on the basis of its taste and smell, harvested at the peak of its season when flavours are at their best. All our extracts are in specially-selected organic grain alcohol, providing the perfect base for use in cocktails and avoiding the flavour issues of oils.