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At Nature’s Choice, we believe in turning conventional eating practices on their head. In this day and age, where resources and financial costs needed for rearing traditional proteins are at an all-time high, we actively encourage our chefs to look to provide dishes with a 30:70% ratio of protein to fruit and vegetables. We do this by increasing awareness of seasonality; having a constant stream of communication with our farmers and growers as well as our customers regarding which produce is grown the most sustainably, for example. We also reinforce this with the premise of ‘root to flower’ cooking, meaning that no part of the plant is wasted and that some traditionally neglected parts of the plant are used in interesting and versatile ways. We enjoy close and meaningful relationships with many of the farms that we work with including Tythe Barn Farm, Westlands Nurseries, Frederick Hiam, Ringden Farm, Jolly Farm and Morghew Farm. Our Commercial Director, Vernon Mascarenhas, has been instrumental in pioneering various products alongside some of these growers.

Sustainability Goals

We’re very excited about what 2019 has the potential to bring in terms of meeting our sustainability goals. At Nature’s Choice, we feel that by having close relationships with those throughout the supply chain which we find ourselves a part of, we have the ability to make a significant impact. Working together with farmers and growers, through to our customers, we can make sure that the education and commitment is there and understood by all parties. Firstly, we’re aiming to reduce the amount of packaging we use and to make what we do use compostable or recyclable at the very least. Secondly, we will be working with our growers to dramatically decrease the amount of fruit and vegetables that are left unharvested due to cosmetic imperfections. Lastly, we are developing a programme of workshops which will jointly run with both front and back of house staff, creating a free-flow of knowledge regarding sustainability from the kitchen through to the customer. This will lead to further engagement and enlightenment around a subject which we all need to know more about, understanding the shared responsibility that we all carry and the direct result our choices surrounding our eating habits have on the environment.