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We design interior architecture for restaurants with a focus on the sensitive reuse and reinterpretation of existing spaces. We come with extensive knowledge, experience and genuine curiosity, but no badge that says “leaders in sustainability”. We feel that currently sustainability in the context of restaurant design and fitout is quite nebulous and are working with the SRA and it’s members to develop a more concrete understanding and framework through continuous research about how things can be done better. We are particularly keen to engage with any clients that want to put this at the heart of their design brief.

Over the last four years we’ve been working hard to understand the sustainability challenges facing the restaurant industry and this now dominates our approach to design. We are currently embarking on a research project to create the design framework for a truly “Restorative Restaurant”, one that we define as ‘giving more than it takes’. The approach is built around the principles of a circular economy; designing with the end of life in mind, building in rigorous flexibility, designing out waste and lowering embodied and operational carbon.

sustainability goals 2018

This year we will identify the top 10 tangible actions/specifications that restaurants can include in their designs to make an impact and share this with the SRA members. We will also turn the lens on ourselves and draw up a sustainability policy for the way we carry out our work in order to identify improvements we can make next year.




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