Olleco serves the food industry. We supply premium cooking oils to commercial kitchens and provide resource recovery services; collecting used cooking oil and food waste which are then converted into renewable energy. We are national but provide our 50,000 customers with a locally based service. Our biodiesel and anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in Liverpool along with our partnerships with local AD plants around the country complete our virtuous cycle of supply, collect and conversion services. We know our customers want first class cooking oils so we only work with Olleco approved suppliers who are directly involved in sourcing the seeds and fruits which our oils are made from. We try our hardest to supply GM free and sustainable oils that are of the highest quality but without detriment to the environment. Our biodiesel offers Greenhouse gas emission savings of over 88% (measured through ISO14064 methodology) whilst our biogas process diverts tens of thousands of food waste from landfill every year. Olleco has been the catalyst for huge change in the value chain and the entire waste industry – creating value where before there was only cost. Because we generate biofuel from UCO, and biogas from food waste, companies no longer need waste anything at all.




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