We supply real, whole leaf tea in certified plastic free tea temples

Our tea temples are certified plastic free, so they can be composted. We only source our teas from sustainable well run tea estates which means that our supply chain is more sustainable. Our packaging is also all recyclable or compostable and made from plant based materials.

We are a BCorp certified company, which means we have undergone the most thorough assessment to show that we care about more than just profits.

Sustainability Goals 2018

  • This year we’ve worked hard to increase donations to The Point Foundation, a charity based in Rwanda where we source our everyday brew. As well as our on pack and online donations, we also donated all of the proceeds of our first ever Pop- Up Shop to a Vocational Training Centre in one of Rwanda’s poorest regions. We will continue to drive donations this year to help improve the lives of the communities where we source our tea.


  • Our everyday brew is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified. We are now working on achieving certification for all of our black teas.


  • We are working hard to become a Certified B Corporation which requires businesses to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.


  • Packaging has been a big focus recently. Our 15 and 50’s packs are 100% plastic free. We are looking into alternative materials for our individual envelopes and loose leaf pouches so that they can be easily recycled.