Sustainable Chippies Reel in Awards

Yesterday was a victory for sustainable fish and chips everywhere with Simpson’s Fish & Chips, Lussman’s and Burton Road Chippy all reeling in the prizes from the National Fish and Chip Awards.

In partnership with Seafish the Fish and Chip Awards celebrate the best of the British chippy. Looking for more than soft white fish, crispy batter and beautifully fried chips, the sustainable fish debate is such a hot topic at the moment it would be hard to ignore the apparent influence it has on the awards – but that’s not to say that the food doesn’t take pride of plaice!

Landing the best catch of the night, 1-Star Food Made Good member Simpson’s Fish and Chips were crowned as Independent Fish and Chip Shop of the Year. Runners up at last year’s awards Simpsons are dedicated to serving honest, ethical and delicious food, whilst constantly working to improve their sustainability.

Simpsons Trophy Wide

Winning the Best Food Service Operator Award, 3-Star Food Made Good member Lussman’s Fish & Grill secured Andrei and his team as serious players for the fine dining fish connoisseur.

Lincoln’s Burton Road Chippy – new and as yet unrated Food Made Good members – took home a double portion last night, winning the NFFF (that’s National Federation of Fish Friers for those not in the know) Quality Award, and the Marketing Innovation Award.

BRC FnC Awards

Congratulations to all of our incredible fish frying members working responsibly to keep fish and chips on the menu!

For more information about the Fish and Chip Awards visit their website, and for the full list of yesterday’s winners they made a handy list!

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