Sustainable Hospitality 2020: Food Made Good with the SRA


When the organisers of HRC (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) asked their audience for the issue that was foremost on their mind for 2020, sustainability topped the charts. Keen to meet the demand of their 21,000 visitors they approached us here at the SRA to ask if we wanted to host a one-day conference. 

The upshot is Sustainable Hospitality 2020: Food Made Good with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, a one-day event on 4 March 2020 at Excel, tackling the most pressing issues facing operators today, designed to offer practical solutions and inspire positive action.  

We’ve pulled together a cast list of issue experts and, crucially, frontline workers who’ve succeeded in overcoming the challenges and in doing so have made food good for their business, their customers and the planet. 

So, whether you’re a chef wondering where to start with food waste, a restaurant owner who’s one of the 91% of business leaders who consider sustainability to be a priority, but haven’t yet got around to doing something about it, or run HR for a caterer, there is a session for you. 

The day kicks off with a welcome from SRA President Raymond Blanc OBE and is followed by a Sustainability 101. These sessions are the ideal introduction for anyone working in the sector looking to get started on the road to making food good. 

For chefs, menu developers and marketers keen to take the carbon but not the flavour out of their menus, Our Design a Plant-led Menu workshop is a must. Look out for top tutelage from The PIG and caterer Fooditude at this one. 

All business owners, HR managers or GMs should attend our Profit from Giving Your People a Purpose masterclass that brings together employers who’ve made an art of attracting and retaining quality people by giving them a purpose, keeping them motivated and being mindful of their wellbeing. 

Knowing the difference between biodegradable and compostable packaging and the relative environmental benefits and downsides of plastic, glass and cans, is not always as a straightforward as it seems. The Beyond Straws and Stirrers workshop with expert input from our friends at Belu, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Award winner BuJO and the University of Sheffield is the ideal place for any business owner, procurement manager and sustainability consultant. 

In the hungry hour before lunch, we’ll be hoping to fill your brains with answers to any and every sustainability question that’s in your mind at our very own Advice Bar. 

Food waste takes centre stage in the afternoon as we invite you to join us and our partners from WRAP. Get to grips with the £3 billion problem and discover how you can keep food on the plate and out of the bin, saving you money and taking a mighty bite out of your carbon footprint. Waste management providers Veolia, SWR, Pale Green Dot and UKWSL and redistribution royalty Karma, OLIO and Too Good To Go will join caterers FoodSpace and Vacherin as well as The Roebuck and Hawksmoor as we endeavour to arm you with all the tools you need to be a real waste warrior. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the conference webpage now and reserve your place.  




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