Taking sustainable fish on the road

By Calum Richardson, The Bay Fish and Chips

2015 has been an incredible journey for The Bay so far as it’s welcomed the launch of The Bay on the Road, our very first purpose built, fully equipped mobile kitchen. The Bay on the Road has been created under the umbrella of The Bay Fish & Chips and will be touring the UK serving the freshest, sustainably sourced produce, which is affordable, and delivered with The Bay’s trademark spark of personality!

The idea of The Bay on the Road stemmed from us wanting to stretch our legs a bit and increase our accessibility. Also, it naturally felt like the next step for the business. However, it’s not all about The Bay brand. I wanted to create something to help the whole of the food industry. My aim is to work with other organisations to promote their products and people too so we can help to spread the message of sustainability together, ultimately reaching a larger audience.

For me, sustainability has and always will be my top priority. With The Bay on the Road I can take the sustainability message to people instead of waiting for them to come to me. Exactly like it is for The Bay, the fish that we serve from The Bay on the Road are caught daily in the North Sea from stocks that are fully sustainable according to the Marine Conservation Society. Our specials board is updated daily and always shows the ‘Catch of the Day’, where we choose the freshest in-season fish straight from the market that morning. I find that my customers can really relate to this as it helps them to understand the full journey their dinner has taken.

Also, last week, just two months after our food truck launched, we found out that The Bay on the Road is the first fish and chip food truck in the UK to be awarded a Food Made Good Three Star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association!

In the near future I want to park The Bay on the Road outside The Bay Fish & Chips in Stonehaven and host themed weekends in the mobile kitchen. Anything from gluten free weekends to vegetarian and vegan weekends. Ultimately, The Bay on the Road is purpose built for the consumer. We can tailor it to what people want as long as it’s in the parameters of what we do, and we like to be as flexible as possible!

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