Taking the purpose pulse

Restore our Earth. That’s the strapline for today – Earth Day, the day we’ve chosen to launch The Hospitality Purpose Pulse Survey, to better understand the status of purpose in our extraordinary industry, as we all work towards a better food future.

The years 2020 and 2021 will be remembered not just for the obvious nightmare of the pandemic and all it’s thrown at us, but also on a more positive note for the extraordinary innovation, resilience and creativity displayed by many – especially in the hospitality sector.

Restaurants, pubs and cafés have filled more roles in the past year than they can ever have possibly imagined. The last year or so has also seen many leaders in the industry review the purpose of their business, reconsider their relationship with their workforce, reconnect with suppliers and forge new links with their local community.

As we peek out from behind the Covid curtains it’s possible to start focusing again on the bigger picture and many operators are looking to get serious about reducing their carbon footprint – perfect timing given the UK Government’s announcement that it’s accelerating its carbon reduction targets.

It feels like the perfect time to take the temperature and find out exactly where restaurants and pubs are at, to understand what’s changed, what’s on the agenda and what help’s required to make food good, even faster.

So, we’ve teamed up with our long term partners Belu and new partners CODE Hospitality on The Hospitality Purpose Pulse Survey.

Armed with the results we’ll share the insights as well as a series of practical case studies championing the sector leaders on specific issues to inspire and inform all business’s efforts.

Click here to complete the survey.

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