TERMS & Conditions

By signing up to Food Made Good, you are agreeing to the terms in this policy.



These Terms and Conditions (“terms”, “T&C’s”) govern the annual agreement between the Sustainable Restaurant Association (“the SRA”, “we”, “us”, “our”) and organisations that purchase accreditation (“accredited businesses”, “you”).  


By completing our Food Made Good Sustainability rating, you are agreeing to these terms. We may change these terms from time to time, in this case we will inform primary contacts from accredited businesses via email.  


The SRA aims to address the complex problems facing our food system, in a digestible and practical way. We collaborate with chefs, restaurateurs, marketers, foodies and social changers to drive progressive change in the foodservice sector. Our Food Made Good Sustainability Ratingis an online audit capturing businesses activity across three pillars of sustainability: Sourcing, Society and Environment. This helps simplify the steps to sustainability, measure progress and check this against industry benchmarks.   


Our registered address is: 

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Sustainability Rating 

The bespoke audit, evidence gathering and report, developed by the SRA. The Food Made Good Rating dubbed as “the michelin stars of sustainability” by The Sunday Times is the world’s largest and most comprehensive sustainability certification for Food Service Businesses. The online rating is a survey capturing your activity across our three pillars of sustainability: Sourcing, Society and Environment. This helps simplify the steps to sustainability, measure progress and check this against industry benchmarks. 




Your Food Made Good Sustainability Rating (either 1, 2 or 3 stars) in the form of a window sticker and/or electronic image.  



The annual fees payable (as a lump sum or via quarterly or monthly installments) by accredited businesses is to maintain their association with the Sustainable Restaurant Association and validate their Sustainability Rating.  


Rated Business 








A food service business who has completed a Sustainability Rating and paying an annual fee. As a Food Made Good rated business, you will be listed in our community, listed on our diner directories, celebrated in our social media and through our media partnerships as well as accessing exclusive resources, early access to events and networking opportunities and more.   


Producers, suppliers and innovators who have a product or service targeted at solving the challenges facing the industry. 

These businesses aim to help our accredited businesses source more sustainable products. 


The third-party organisations who are recognised by The SRA as key supporters. 


Online Community 

An online portal, available at community.foodmadegood.org  and via a mobile app, used so businesses can share learning and content with each other. This platform will have accredited businesses associated with the SRA, non-accredited businesses, suppliers, partners and individuals.  



Accredited Businesses / Supplier / Partners have access to: 


Voluntary inclusion in the SRA sustainable restaurant directory (accredited businesses who have achieved at least 1 star in their sustainability rating) / supplier directory / or partners page 

Discounted rates on a range of workshops and training sessions 

2 free tickets to attend the Food Made Good awards 

Regular email communications 

Our Online Community platform 

Invitations to sustainability events  


This is exclusively determined by SRA management and may change from time to time without notice. 


Food Made Good Sustainability Rating 


Every year, accredited businesses (not including suppliers or partners) will have the opportunity to complete a Sustainability Rating, which will provide a full assessment of the business’s sustainability, and the chance to achieve One, Two or Three Star statusThe content of the rating questionnaire, and the points awarded for each answer, may change year on year. 


When completing you Sustainability Rating, you must answer all questions accurately and to provide relevant evidence as part of the process. No information collected as part of the rating process will be passed on to a third party without your consent.  


Successfully completing a Sustainability Rating entitles you to display a logo on your premises, website and in marketing materials whilst your logo is valid and fees up to date.  


Your Sustainability Rating and logo will remain valid for two calendar years including the year of receipt. For example, a rating and badge awarded in 2021 will be valid during 2021 and 2022. After that, you must re-complete your rating to continue using your logo. 


We reserve the right to withdraw or reassess any Sustainability Rating if it subsequently comes to light that a restaurant has provided false evidence or if it is found that the restaurant has engaged in any unlawful activity or dishonest practices or if the practices of the member have changed since the logo was provided. 


Logo Terms of Use   


On completion of your Sustainability Rating, you will have permission to use either the “Three Star” or the “Two Star” or “One Star” Sustainability Rating Badge that will be awarded to you.  


We strongly recommend that you publicise that you are an accredited business of the SRA by putting the logo up as a window sticker. You will also be provided with an electronic format, which can be used in the following ways: 


• On your business stationery (e.g. letterheads) 

• On your menu(s)   

• In your advertising or promotional literature  

• On your business website  

• On your business premises 

• On social media 


Use of the logo is limited to the paid outlets of the accredited business, and may not be used in conjunction with any subsidiaries or other associated companies without written permission from the SRA. 


If your Sustainability Rating has been completed with a specific branch or outlet you have paid for, you should not use the logo in a way which implies it is related to the whole organisation. If you wish to use the logo in any other way, please contact us ([email protected]) for approval first.  


Unauthorised use of the logo may result in termination of your association with the SRA.   


Accredited businesses are required to provide the SRA any information on request as to their use of the logo which the SRA may require.  


As well as using the logo, you may wish to publicise your association with the SRA by making a written statement in your advertisements etc. Once your rating is valid and fees up to date, you are permitted to use the following statements: 


“Food Made Good Rated Business” 

“Working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association” (for suppliers and partners) 


Once you have completed your Sustainability Rating you may use the following statement:  


“Awarded 1,2,or 3 stars by the Sustainable Restaurant Association”  


Other statements are not acceptable for use, some examples are listed below, and they are not a definitive list:  

“Certified as sustainable by the SRA”  

“Recommended by the SRA”  

“SRA approved” 

“SRA accredited”  

“SRA member” (needs to be phased out)  


If you would like to use any other phrase, please contact us ([email protected]first in order to obtain written permission. 


If you fail to renew you annual payment or your accreditation with the SRA should end for any reason, permission to use the logo will be revoked with immediate effect and you will be removed from our website  (sustainable restaurant directory / supplier directory / or partners page).  



Online Community Terms of Use 


The community is designed to be an online space where (food-service) professionals, suppliers, chefs and business owners come together to learn, share and connect.  


We ask all community users to abide by the following ‘golden rules’ when using the service. The discussions are managed by the SRA staff who reserve the right to remove anything that breaches these rules.  



Intellectual Property Rights 


All rights to the brands of the SRA, including the Food Made Good and SRA Logos and the Sustainability Rating Badge(s), are reserved to it.  


The content and services provided by the SRA, either in written form or verbal are protected by copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights.  


Users may read, print and download material or information provided by the SRA in electronic and hard copy for their private use or use in the ordinary course of the business, but users may not make any profit from the use of that material or information nor republish, disseminate or transmit any of it, or exploit it for commercial purposes, or make any derivative work, or copy it for any other purpose without first obtaining our written permission, or that of the rights owner. 


Third Party Goods, Services and Links  


We may from time to time suggest goods and services from third party suppliers or partners. If the business uses this information or purchases or acquires goods or services from any third parties, we have no liability for the quality or type of services or goods provided by any third party. We do not endorse, and are not responsible for, the accuracy or reliability of, any such opinion, advice, statement, service, offer, information or content.  


Data Protection and Privacy  


As a data controller, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. Our Privacy Policy is available here and outlines how we collect and use your data.  


We may change our Privacy Policy at any time without giving you notice, so please check it regularly. 


Unless you specifically request to keep your association of the SRA private, we may share that you are accredited business of ours on our website and with our carefully selected partner organisations 


We may also publish your star rating and any commitments your make to improving your sustainability practices. However, we will never share your contact information or any other personally identifiable data with anyone without your consent. 


Regular payments  


To remain an accredited business, you must pay a recurring annual fee. This can be paid via invoice / BACS payment or in monthly / quarterly installments via GoCardless Direct Debit. You also have the ability to pay for multiple years at a discounted rate.   




Fees quoted are exclusive of VAT. Businesses in the UK are required to pay VAT on top of the quoted fees. Global / EU sales won’t be charged VAT 




If the accredited business fails to make payments when due, we may remove your business from our website and revoke use of your logo until the payment is made.  


We reserve the right to charge interest in the event of late payment of fees. Payment terms for invoices are 14 days unless agreed in writing.  


Increasing fees  


As our fees are based on outlet number, your annual fee may increase over time. If you pay your fees upfront as a lump sum payment, we will only review your fees annually, but if you pay monthly or quarterly this may be reviewed earlier.  


Cancellation, termination and refunds 


We reserve the right to reject any application, without having to give any reason.  


If you choose to terminate your association with the SRA part-way through your annual commitment, you will not be eligible for a refund / cancel monthly / quarterly payments before 12 months.  


Unless we receive notice before your annual renewal, an invoice for the next year will be automatically generated.  


The SRA retains the right to terminate association on notice for breach of any of these Terms and Conditions, as well as in the event of insolvency, or other event judged by the SRA to result in the accredited business / supplier / partner being unable to fulfil its obligations.  


In the event of terminationthe business must terminate all use of the logo according to the logo Terms of Use and make no reference to itself as an accredited business of the SRA.