The 330m tonnes of meat and 812 tonnes of dairy produced globally each year accounts for 60% of farming’s greenhouse gas emissions. The overabundance of these gasses in the atmosphere causes more heat to be trapped, increasing temperatures and resulting in a global climate crisis.

The quickest, easiest and most impactful way to a climate-friendly food system is to reduce the amount of meat we eat.


The Sustainable Restaurant Association will help you to prove the inbuilt sustainability of your brand with confidence, by helping you to measure, report and celebrate your GHG emission reductions from serving less meat.

Through our partnership with the Cool Food Pledge, we have access to tools that translate the most complex and trusted data sets on food emissions in the world into simple, easy to understand information about your business’ foodprint.

By taking part in Foodprint you’ll be able to prove to your customers that you’re a business who is fit for the future, with confidence.

We are facing a climate crisis, which means if we don’t act on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions now, with urgency across all sectors, the world in 2050 will be unlike anything we’ve ever known. Food is responsible for 25% of these GHG emissions (1), and that means the foodservice industry plays a crucial role in the race to reduce.
The quickest, easiest and most impactful way to a climate-friendly food system is to reduce the amount of meat we eat. Studies suggest that Europeans need to reduce their meat consumption by over 50% to limit (2) the worst of climate change. That means we need a new norm – meat should be a treat, not part of everyday life, especially beef and lamb.
We need to spearhead a new way of eating, both in foodservice businesses and at home. Consumers already know this, with one third of Britons having already reduced (3) the amount of meat they eat or gone fully meat-free. Restaurants, cafes, caterers, pubs and hotels and all foodservice businesses alike should seize upon the opportunity to be the business to give these consumers what they want and build a strong sustainable brand at the same time. This isn’t about demonising meat – it’s about enjoying it in moderation, and championing food which is good for the planet and for your business.

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