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The 330m tonnes of meat and 812 tonnes of dairy produced globally each year accounts for 60% of farming’s greenhouse gas emissions. The overabundance of these gasses in the atmosphere causes more heat to be trapped, increasing temperatures and resulting in a global climate crisis.

The quickest, easiest and most impactful way to a climate-friendly food system is to reduce the amount of meat we eat.

Net zero now

The UK Government has committed to net zero CO2e emissions by 2050. All businesses have a part to play in meeting this essential and ambitious target. More than a third of major UK businesses have already set their own targets.  The hospitality sector is responsible for up to 15% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK with a large portion of these emissions attributable to the supply chain. 

We know that for some businesses the concept and reality of net zero can feel intangible and unachievable. So, we’ve come up with a solution that’s manageable and accessible for operators of all sizes and types.  

We are the delivery partner of Net Zero Now on its Net Zero Pub, Net Zero Bar and Net Zero Restaurant protocols – delivering all the tailored guidance and support you need to take climate action now. The Protocols are a pragmatic and effective guide to help hospitality businesses achieve Net Zero via a realistic set of measures allied to scientific rigour. We’re putting the tools for a coherent and ambitious climate strategy in the hands of all operators through a three-step Calculate, Mitigate and Compensate approach.

Participants will: 

  • Learn crucial information and benchmark data like the carbon footprint of every drink and dish they serve 
  • Benefit from easy to use tools to adopt reduction targets and  
  • Access steps for offsetting to a globally certified standards, in accordance with the Oxford Principles. 

We ran a pilot of the Pubs & Bars initiative – discover how it went here. 

Find out more about Net Zero Pubs & Bars and Net Zero Restaurants.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your hospitality business go Net Zero, please contact us here: [email protected]

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