The secrets to sustainable coffee pods

Ever-popular and super convenient, pods remain the coffee of choice for many businesses. But are those delicious, crema-topped brews sustainable? 

Traditional coffee pods are certainly burdened with numerous concerns, including the exploitation of farmers, deforestation and plastic waste.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way – and Pact Coffee’s pods come with an eco-friendly difference. 

What’s the environmental impact of pod coffee?

The average supermarket pod coffee is often not ethically sourced. The commodity coffee industry has many steps in the supply chain, meaning that farmers rarely get paid enough to make ends meet. 

Low prices are obviously bad for farmers’ livelihoods, but they can also have a knock-on effect environmentally. When growers are pressured to increase production over their land capacity, it can sadly result in deforestation. 

And once the coffee has been enjoyed, thousands of used pods end up in landfill each year. So all things considered, the environmental impact of pod coffee has historically been high. 

How can coffee be sustainably sourced?

By cutting out unnecessary steps in the supply chain and dealing with farmers directly, Pact Coffee is able to pay a premium price for speciality-grade coffee. This equates to 65% above the Fairtrade base rate, on average. 

Their direct-trade model also allows them to establish long-term relationships with farmers, meaning more financial security and a better quality of life – but also more transparency over farming practices at source. 

This means Pact is able to ensure all the farmers it works with adhere to strong environmental principles, such as using wildlife-friendly fertilisers and maintaining safe water processing methods. 

Every coffee Pact sells includes information about the farmer that grew it, so you know exactly where it has come from.

Are coffee pods recyclable?

Many pods on the market are difficult to recycle or unrecyclable. Made from a blend of plastic and other materials, they often end up in landfill. 

Pact Pods are 100% aluminium, meaning they are completely and easily recyclable, and you can pop the outer cardboard packaging in your recycling bin. Once you’ve used up these eco-friendly coffee pods, you can either drop them off at your local Tesco recycling point or use an Eco Press to empty them and put them in your recycling bin.

Why aren’t they compostable?

Compostable coffee pods can seem like the more eco-friendly option. But they rely on council-run composting facilities and the coffee drinker having an industrial compost bin. If you put them in a landfill site, they won’t compost.

Aluminium, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective material to recycle. It can be melted down and used again – and again. In fact, around 75% of aluminium ever made is still in circulation.

Find out more

Join Pact on a mission to fix a broken industry and choose coffee that’s better for your customers, better for farmers and better for the planet. Get in touch with them at [email protected] or call them on 0203 936 3316.

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