Time for hospitality to walk the walk and certify its credentials

What’s the most effective way for a restaurant, pub, café or caterer to make both a real difference on the issues that really matter, and convince its customers that it’s doing so? To take action and get a credible third party to certify that it really has done so.

That’s the conclusion we’ve come to, given the increasingly urgent need to address the climate crisis. So, we’re shifting our emphasis away from intention, demonstrated by membership of our association, and towards action and certification through our industry standard sustainability rating.

With consumers now caring more than ever about the impact of their dining decisions, and craving the power to use their appetites wisely, operators will now pay to certify their business by completing the Food Made Good Sustainability Rating – the gold standard for measuring sustainable action and achievement in hospitality and not for membership.

To ensure customers have confidence in the Food Made Good logo, the SRA will now only promote those businesses that have submitted their credentials for assessment and demonstrate genuine impact on the serious issues affecting people and the planet.

By focusing our attention on certification, we are showing both the industry and the millions of people who support it, that action speaks way louder than intention. By highlighting tangible examples of positive change with data to support it, we will provide the industry as a whole and all who work in it with the credibility they deserve.

With the Competition and Markets Authority giving all businesses until 1 January 2022 to substantiate their environmental claims, in a crackdown on greenwash, the Food Made Good rating is the third-party certification restaurants need not only to ensure they are legally compliant, but also to give consumers the reassurance they crave.

That doesn’t mean we’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater. For businesses looking for support to secure a One, Two, or Three Star Food Made Good rating, we’re still here and we’re opening up and massively extending our online community platform. Chefs, GMs and waiters can come together with marketing managers, heads of sustainability and CFOs as well as a growing network of supportive suppliers on this online, mobile-friendly, global platform users to ask and answer questions, and to share the extensive expertise, knowledge, tools and resources developed together over the last decade.

The Food Made Good community is now free to all UK foodservice providers, is optimised for mobile, home to thousands of like-minded industry professionals looking to collaborate on sourcing, waste prevention and packaging solutions for example, as well as an extensive library of practical tools and resources. It also extends internationally, including restaurants from all over the world, including those members of Food Made Good communities in Hong Kong, Japan and Greece.

If you’re still unsure how this will affect you and your business, check out these handy FAQs.

Business as usual is not an option. 83% of UK consumers now expect food and drink brands to engage on at least one of four areas of sustainability- sourcing, packaging, carbon emissions or fundraising. The task at hand, limiting global warming and building a food system that is good for both people and planet is, too important to dance around the edges.

It’s not just your customers demanding demonstrable change. Your workforce is too. At a time when good staff are so hard to find, show the next generation you take these challenges seriously. One London pub operator, The Culpeper, recently set up an environmental board and a quarter of their employees applied. 

Now is the time for third party accreditation, and we’re here to provide it. Working together as the Food Made Good community, we can demonstrate real change and ensure every meal served out of home not only taste good, but really does the good it claims to, too.

Start a conversation with industry colleagues today on the issues that matter to you by joining the community and contact us to put your credentials to the test with the Food Made Good Rating [email protected].

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