Too good to go to waste: how to redistribute

Anoushka Grover, Marketing Manager AT Too Good To Go, An app that lets everyone do their bit to reduce waste, while also getting delicious food and supporting local businesses.
It costs 97p[1] to throw away one plate of food. But it’s not just your business that pays when you waste food – the planet pays too. As well as the food, all of the resources that went into producing it are wasted. This causes 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions[2].

The way we consume today makes it very hard to avoid surplus food. Customers want ample choice and can perceive the last items left as something to avoid. A solution to reducing food waste is to use the Too Good To Go app to redistribute surplus food. Businesses can use the app to sell their delicious but unsold food in a simple and efficient manner. Not only does redistributing surplus food in this way mean that all leftovers can be saved from landfill, it also means that your business can reach new customers too.

Incorporating Too Good To Go into a business is very simple and low maintenance. Your business is given a profile on the app with daily portions set so you don’t need to do anything. If needed, you can easily adjust portions available, but normally this won’t be necessary! You’ll be sent a welcome pack, including a how-to guide, to make sure your staff understand how the app works. You just need to make sure that any new joiners get a quick introduction to the platform and that the surplus food is ready for customers to collect at the allotted time.

As well as reducing sunk costs associated with food waste, using Too Good To Go means that you’re taking action to reduce the impact of food waste on the planet. Alongside the benefit to our planet, the benefits to your business and the customers who get to rescue your food mean it’s a win-win-win!

For more information about how you and your business can benefit from Food Waste: Bad Taste click here.


Too Good To Go is the world’s largest food waste fighting app. Available across the UK and Europe, the app connects businesses with unsold food to local consumers who purchase, collect and enjoy it. With over 8.5M registered consumers, businesses benefit from huge exposure, as well as increasing revenue and reducing sunk costs. Over 12 million meals have been saved from landfill from over 15,000 food businesses to date, preventing over 24,000 tonnes of food waste related CO2 emissions.

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