Tool up to take action on food waste this March

Monday 1 March – a definite date for the diary as it heralds the start of the first Food Waste Action Week. Being run by our friends at WRAP. Here’s a seven-day campaign to really get behind, to engage staff and customers (albeit most likely delivery only) and help make those unpalatable food waste stats a thing of the past, while at the same time saving a chunk of money and showing those loyal customers you care.

Perhaps the most striking of WRAP’s statistics is that three quarters of the 1.1 million tonnes of food that is thrown away in commercial kitchens is avoidable. On the one hand, that is truly shocking, and truth be told, rather depressing. On the other hand, it also provides cause for optimism.  As, if hospitality and foodservice businesses are throwing away 18% of the food they buy, at a cumulative cost of £3.2 billion, then there is massive potential for savings – financial and environmental.

While you may not be fully open for business right now, Food Waste Action Week is a chance to review your food waste management, capitalise on the excellent new resources WRAP have created and prime your kitchen to be food waste free zones. As WRAP say: “This could be an opportunity to reach out to staff and customers to help raise awareness as householders as well as sharing the excellent knowledge and tips from the sector to help us all rise up against food waste.”

To help you on your way, WRAP has updated it’s Guardians of Grub website and created some super-helpful new tools, including an easy to use, practical cost-saving calculator with a seven-day tracking sheet.

And with time potentially less of an issue right now, there’s also a cost-saving skills course which takes just 15 minutes to complete.

And if you’re looking for inspiring examples of ways in which some of your Food Made Good colleagues have cut through food waste like a hot knife through butter then we have some excellent examples from your fellow members for you can get your teeth you into alongside the case studies provided by WRAP.

These include:

Darwin & Wallace capitalising on chefs’ competitive nature to reduce waste. Read more

Our guide to reducing takeaway food waste, created with Just Eat.

How to turn waste into taste, following these tasty tips from Rubies in the Rubble

Our guide to redistributing any surplus food

In short, to get involved in Food Waste Action Week:

Check out the great resources on the NEW Guardians of Grub website including the new Cost Saving Calculator

Download the campaign pack

Schedule and share social posts about your best food waste busting hacks.

And remember we’re here to help you waste less and save more too, so do reach and contact us any time and share your  food waste hacks and nightmares with your fellow members on the Food Made Good member platform.

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