Gain visibility on food waste

Winnow builds AI tools to help chefs run more profitable and sustainable kitchens by cutting food waste.
Food waste is a serious issue with ⅓ of all food being wasted.

Chefs often waste food because they lack the right tools to give them the necessary information to control their kitchens. At Winnow, our mission is to help the food service and hospitality industry cut down on food waste by making the kitchen smarter. With our Winnow Waste Monitor and Ai enabled Winnow Vision – a new tool which uses computer vision to allow kitchens to automatically track food waste – chefs are able to automate many of the administrative tasks required to measure waste. This gives teams better visibility while also freeing up time for chefs to get back in the kitchen.

As a company, we are helping our clients save over 23 million meals and $33 million dollars per year.

One of our partners in the UK, IKEA London, cut food waste by using the Winnow reports to look at the three most wasted dishes of the week and focus on fixing their production volume. At IKEA Southhampton, they found that during sunny days customers prefer buying food that they can easily eat outside, such as hot dogs. With this insight, they can adjust their production level according to the weather forecast and avoid overproduction.

Food waste prevention is a team effort. When introducing anything new into the kitchen, the success of the operation will often rely on team cooperation.

From the senior decision-makers to the front-of-house. If you want to reduce food waste, the support from your team is critical to driving success.

Over the past six years, we have learned a lot from our clients. To get buy-in from your team, we developed a four-stage process which: ‘The 4 As of staff engagement’: Awareness, Accountability, Action and Award. We summarised the learnings into a guide to help hospitality leaders in their daily efforts.

For more information about how you and your business can benefit from Food Waste: Bad Taste click here.

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