Weekly Round-Up: 17 September 2020

Change of diet key to race against extinction

A major scientific report and a hard-hitting TV documentary combined to deliver a serious message about the future of the natural world for us all this week. If you haven’t watched it yet, do find an hour to view the BBC’s Extinction: The Facts in which Sir David Attenborough and a number of the world’s leading scientists deliver a sobering picture about the future of the planet and the damage we’re doing to it. Likewise, the UN published its Global Biodiversity Outlook 5 report which shows the UK has failed to meet 17 of the 20 targets it agreed to ten years ago. Scientists involved in both, offered solutions which have a real relevance and resonance for restaurants. They also have the potential to save money as well as the planet and the creatures with whom we share it. Waste less energy, waste less water, waste less food and shift our diets away from such a heavy reliance on meat.

Re-opening with values and value

SRA members have served up a huge range of recipes for re-opening right. We’ve featured food waste busting, carbon cutting and plastic slashing hacks on these pages in recent weeks. This week you can check out what the guys at Stockport’s finest, Where the Light Gets In, have done. They decided to make their tasting menu more accessible, seriously cutting the price, by reducing the number of dishes while sticking to their sourcing principles and using every ounce of all their top-notch produce. Chef Sam Buckley spoke to the guys at Big Hospitality about what they’ve done and the positive impact it’s had on the business. Check out our website and Instagram for the full library of hacks. We’d love to be able to share your Re-open Right sustainability hacks too, so take a minute to share them here and we’ll give them a wider audience.

Have your say on deforestation

The production of ingredients as diverse as beef and soya can have a devastating effect on biodiversity. Consumer awareness of these issues is growing and organisations like the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and on Sustainable Soya are helping foodservice ensure they’re sourcing responsibly. Now WWF is asking businesses to contribute to the consultation on proposals to eliminate deforestation from supply chains and attach sanctions for businesses that ensure their supply chains are ‘clean’. Ensure your voice is heard and join the consultation before it closes on 5 October.

Will you go quids in to help the homeless this winter?

Now here’s a two-for-one deal that will help tackle two massive issues and help engage your colleagues and customers. This year by linking up with the annual StreetSmart £1 on the bill campaign, you’ll be supporting not just the amazing work that charity does to support the growing homeless population, but also the Felix Project which takes surplus food and helps feed people in need. Sign up now to hit homelessness head-on.

Tune in to hear the SRA this conference season

Shifting diets, reducing packaging and communicating sustainability – just three of the topics that our CEO Andrew Stephen will be addressing in a number of conferences and online events in the coming weeks, including the first Net Zero Festival and Food Matters Live. First up he’s at the Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum tackling: Next Steps for reducing food waste and plastic packaging on Tuesday 22 September alongside representatives from industry, waste management and local authorities. For details of how you can get involved click here. now to hit homelessness head-on.

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