19 Women Who Inspire Us

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we asked the staff at the SRA, ‘who are the women who inspire your work in sustainability?’ Here are the 21 women we chose:
Juliane Caillouette Noble, Development Director


1. Anna Jones – Juliane: “the way that Anna has managed to mainstream vegetarian cooking with her brilliant recipes has such an impact on the system. Anna’s approach of turning out simply delicious “plant based” dishes that ensure that even the most insistent carnivore doesn’t miss their meat has helped reshape dining habits and show the British public that there isn’t a choice between sustainable and satisfying.”

2. Nicole Pisani 
– Juliane: “Chefs in schools! Let’s get more chefs in schools! Let’s inspire children from the earliest stages to eat beautiful, sustainable food that is prepared with care. What a hero!”

Roz Salik, Events Manager


3. Jenny Dawson Costa – Roz: “I am inspired greatly by Jenny from Rubies in the Rubble who I met recently at a Nando’s sustainability event. A woman with a great vision and warm heart.

Louisa Dodd, Project Assistant


4. Catherine Dodd – Louisa: “My mumma! Her constant prioritising for meals made from scratch, sourced from all our local shops and how she’s ingrained proper food into our everyday lives. (And specifically her dedication to a Sunday roast without fault, every week).”

Aisling Hayes, Sustainability Consultant



5. Tara Garnett – Aisling: “My sustainability hero would have to be Tara Garnett. Her in-depth research into our food system, the environment and climate has been so important and valuable in driving the food sustainability agenda forward.”

Pete Hemingway, Community Manager



6. Greta Thurnberg – Pete: “living proof that standing up (or indeed, sitting-down) for what you believe in can influence change at the highest levels.”

Katy Ellwood, Member Sales Executive

7. Darina Allan – Katy: “I find what Darina Allan has done in Ireland to be truly inspirational, not only teaching thousands of cookery students about the importance of sustainability in the kitchen, but also playing a large role in establishing the Farmers’ Market Movement in Ireland, championing the slow food movement in Ireland and running programs for local primary schools to teach about food from field to fork.”

Hannah Dean-Wood, Community Manager

8. Wangari Maathai – Hannah: “My number one Shero. Maathai first caught my attention when she became the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her work with the Green Belt Movement. The mission of GBM is to mobilize community consciousness for self-determination, justice, equity, reduction of poverty, and environmental conservation, using trees as the entry point. To date over 51 million trees have been planted with over 30,000 women having been trained in forestry, food processing, bee-keeping, and other trades that help them earn income while preserving their lands and resources. Talk about a super star!”


Emily Shankar, Events Manager

9. Marion Nestle and

10. Michele Simon – Emily: “The works of Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH and Michele Simon, JD, MPH inspired my interests in food beyond nutrition by making connections between food policy, environmental sustainability, and public health.”

11. Melati Wijsen and

12. Isabel Wijsen – Harry: “These 2 sisters from Bali created a social movement to ban plastic bags from Bali (Bye Bye Plastic Bags), then it manifested into a global association. Incredible story that inspired me to stay on the sustainable path!”

Nell Armitage, Digital Projects Manager



13. Lucy Siegle – Nell: “I’m a huge fan of Lucy Siegle who writes for the guardian on ethical living”

Tom Tanner, PR Manager

14.  Caroline Tanner – Tom: “My mother provides all the sustainability inspiration I need. For her, rationing might just as well still be in place. Wasting food is practically an imprisonable offence. I’ve inherited her love of leftovers and while it makes for some pretty outlandish combos, even my kids now value food more than most.”

Rosie Rayner-Law, Membership Projects Assistant

15. Naomi Klein – Rosie: “My sustainability hero is Naomi Klein because she does such a wonderful job of examining the inescapable intersection of capitalism and climate change, with no apologies.


Andrew Stephen, CEO

16. Avril Stephen – Andrew: “My mum. Lifelong vegetarian, recycler, upcycler and hater of waste before any of it was trendy.”

Ylva Johannesson, Head of Membership

17. Alice Waters – Ylva: “and if i can name an organisation) Parabere Forum, it’s all about women and gastronomy!”

Ellie McNeill, Design and Digital Executive

18. Ronni Kahn – Ellie: “founder of food rescue charity OzHarvest – they’ve opened a rescued-food supermarket!”

19. Harriet Spark – Ellie: “Harriet started ‘Operation Straw‘ and her #Strawkle (snorkeling for straws) in Manly Cove attracts huge crowds. She proves that one person can inspire many many others to care and take action. So many women in the community I grew up in were advocates for our environment, it’s so hard to ignore when you live close to nature.”

Jade Brennan, Head of Marketing

Jade: “the women who I work with at SRA, who inspire me every day with their personal and professional passions”

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