2 island destinations with mostly plastic-free restaurants



In the lead up to Christmas, we’ve been taking you through hospitality businesses who have checked off one of the ‘To Do’s in the 10 framework areas of our Food Made Good 50 self-assessment tool.


Next up – “We don’t use plastic straws, cutlery, stirrers or sachets “


Why do they bother?

Single-use plastic items such as plastic straws, cutlery, stirrers and sachets contribute significantly to air, water and land pollution – and consequently to climate change.

In landfill sites, plastic is left to break down, which produces toxic gases as a bi-product in the surrounding air. These gases can seriously harm both humans and wildlife in surrounding areas. They also contribute to the greenhouse effect. 

When microplastics and toxic gases from landfill sites enter surrounding rivers and seas, they also enter food chains, and these toxic particles in sea food have recently been linked to health problems, including cancers, in humans. 


Try to limit the negative environmental impact even while you’re on a more exotic holiday by dining at these two sustainable restaurants:


Parachute Bali

El Romero – Restauracion Sostenible 


Feeling inspired? Take our Food Made Good 50 now, tick off your ‘to-do’s’, and you could feature on our Sustainabilitree blog lists next year!


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