Since 2010 Food Made Good, run by The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), has been supporting hospitality and foodservice to tackle the complex and urgent problems facing the food system while enabling diners to make more sustainable choices when eating out. We aim to accelerate change towards a sector that is socially progressive and environmentally restorative by connecting progressive people and businesses both in the UK and across the globe through our Food Made Good programme. The Food Made Good programme consists of three distinct things: 1. The Food Made Good framework which clearly defines what sustainability means for the sector, 2. The accompanying Food Made Good Rating, the global gold standard for measuring progress across the industry, and finally 3. the Food Made Good community, a global network of hospitality professionals sharing challenges, ideas, resources and solutions to fuel the progress of the industry.   


What began as a membership organisation with 50 founding members has grown into a global movement of more than 10,000 kitchens. We are a diverse community of food service businesses, from high end to high street, from street-food staples to workplace canteens, from independent cafes to Michelin starred restaurants, all working to make sustainability part of their DNA.

We believe that working as a collective we can improve the food on our plate and therefore have a positive, measurable impact on the wider food system. Through Food Made Good we: 

  • Provide a robust framework for what makes a restaurant ‘good’ 
  • Measure action through the industry standard sustainability certification, the Food Made Good Rating 
  • Benchmark success and construct clear action plans for businesses to improve 
  • Promote best practice and inspire healthy competition  
  • Work with partners to grow the reach and the influence of sustainable restaurants 
  • Offer bespoke consultancy, training and support for food service businesses 
  • Run the largest community of sustainability professionals in food service. 

Everyone has a role to play. Whether you’re a food service business seeking to overcome challenges, a supplier who can provide the solutions, or a diner seeking to make better choices when eating out, we can connect you with our network of progressive thinkers. 


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