A toast to sustainability: Asia’s 50 Best Bars

Author: Adya Rana

Today Bar Trigona can toast to themselves for being awarded Asia’s Sustainable Bar this year as part of Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019. Based in the Four Seasons Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, the bar is top of its game in luxury, style and now sustainability.

Bar Trigona works with local farmers to source the majority of its ingredients, helping them to gain recognition in the community and bar industry. Customers are encouraged to learn more about the locally grown ingredients being used though local farm trips that are arranged for bar tenders and customers, where they can personally meet the farmers.
Last year, local honeybees were a central feature in their cocktail menu with the locally-grown honey featured in cocktails such as ‘Pollen’, a citrusy and creamy cocktail made of applejack, citrus, trigona honey, yoghurt, and kaffir lime leaves.

The bar also purchases certified organic and biodynamic drinks as well as fair trade or directly traded drinks. Many drinks come from small-scale, artisan producers and modern slavery is assessed within the supply chain of the bar’s drinks and ingredients.

With regards to the community, Bar Trigona works with both local and international charity groups, while providing staff with environmental training, including ways to limit food waste.
Using all parts of the ingredients to reduce food waste – including husks, stalks and shells – is also key at Bar Trigona. Over exploited ingredients are replaced with less commonly used ones wherever possible and the use of imported ingredients is reduced.

And behind the scenes the bar plans to step up sustainability measures, with reduction targets in place for food waste, gas, electricity & water, and even their ice consumption.
Congratulations, Team Trigona!

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