Five ways to celebrate National Hospitality Day and showcase your green creds

By Tom Tanner, SRA

The eighteenth of September. If the date isn’t in your diary already, take a moment from reading this to ink it in. It’s a Saturday and it’s National Hospitality Day.

Yep, that’s right, a day for a nationwide celebration of the UK’s brilliant restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, cafés and caterers.

So, if you’re a member of the public take a moment to think about how your favourite hospitality businesses added a spot of sparkle to your lockdown life over the last 18 months as well as serving up thousands of meals for key workers and the local community. Then select one or more of these heroes of hospitality and make a note to fraternise them on Saturday 18 September.

For all you restaurant and hospitality operators, now’s the time to put a plan together for how you can make the most this special occasion.

The organisers are challenging all restaurants, hotels, pubs and foodservice providers to put on a show and include a charitable element so that customers can support the four key hospitality charities; The Drinks Trust, Hospitality Action, Licensed Trade Charity and Springboard. Together they offer a lifeline to the people and businesses behind UK hospitality.

We have one further request/suggestion to make…

Here’s a cracking chance to celebrate your sustainability credentials too, to serve up Food Made Good and shout about it. Given it falls on the first day of The Great Big Green Week too – it’s too good an opportunity to miss.

How you decide to support and celebrate National Hospitality Day is completely up to you, but we thought it might be helpful to suggest a few ideas. So here goes…

  • Organise a meet the producer dinner – public interest in provenance has sky-rocketed. Show your suppliers some love and connect your customers with their food.
  • Promote the most sustainable dish on your menu, make it your National Hospitality Dish of the Say and attach a donation to it.
  • Work with a local brewery about commissioning an NHD Ale
  • Lay on a ticketed food waste busting masterclass with your chef
  • Put on a 100% locally sourced dinner – promoting the benefits of local and seasonal produce – like a harvest supper

The possibilities are endless, and the cause is a great one. Given the inventiveness and creativity shown by restaurateurs and hospitality operators throughout the pandemic, this will be a piece of cake.

Lastly – please do let us know what you’re doing so we can support you on social as well using @NationalHospitalityDay #NHD. And make a song and dance about it with your local media, influencers and of course your customers. Remember, as well as being designed to celebrate hospitality it’s also to raise money for four amazing charities. Check out the National Hospitality Day website for details of how to get money raised to them and check out all the social media assets for The Great Big Green Week here.

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