Food Made Good Awards’ big fish dish collaboration


Preparations for our awards ceremony on 5th November are well underway, and we wanted to share the wave of excitement brought to us by the collaboration between our awards sponsor Open Blue, and SRA members Cinammon Club and Nature’s Choice on a mouthwatering fish dish to be served at the awards.

Guests will be treated to a beautiful bowl of cobia fillets supplied by Open Blue and prepared by Cinammon Club, before garnishing with kaffir lime leaf and carom seed, masala Jerusalem artichoke mash, and tomato lemongrass sauce provided by Nature’s Choice.

We spoke to Cinnamon Club Head Chef Rakesh Ravindran Nair to hear how the businesses have together been deep-diving into seafood sustainability.


rakesh head chef cinammon club
Rakesh Ravindran Nair, Head Chef at Cinnamon Club

How important to you is sourcing and serving sustainable seafood and why?

It is very important to us. We have been sourcing and serving sustainable seafood for a long time and have been one of the few restaurants to join SRA when it was formed nearly 10 years ago. Since then, we have used a variety of sustainable seafood on our menus like Open Blue cobia and Spencer Gulf prawns or local fish like salmon and haddock.

How difficult is it for you to keep up to date on seafood sustainability?

It is not easy. For example, mackerel went from being one of the most sustainable fish to unsustainable in a very short time, a few years ago. We try and follow the latest MCS Good Fish Guide when deciding to use a fish on the menu.

How did you come across Open Blue Cobia and decide to use it?

It was introduced to us by our seafood supplier and I liked it immediately because of both the flavour and texture and also because of the health benefits and sustainable farming methods used. We decided to use it on our menu and had good feedback from customers.

Tell us about the dishes you have created with cobia and what you and your customers think of it?

We used it in different ways but the most interesting was a spice crusted cobia with black korma sauce and coriander rice. We also cooked it in tandoor oven like a kebab and served with carambola pickle. Another version was a Malabar boatman’s style curry of cobia.


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