Food Made Good Hong Kong launches!

Author: Simon Heppner, CEO, Food Made Good Global

With almost a decade’s experience delivering positive change across UK foodservice, the time felt ripe this year for us to extend our successful Food Made Good programme beyond these borders.

The need for a common, accessible framework and organised network has never been greater as it becomes increasingly apparent that the way we produce, consume and dispose of food is at the heart of many of the sustainability challenges we face, including plastic pollution, food waste, climate change, deforestation and biodiversity.

All these global challenges are captured in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and a healthy food system is increasingly seen as a prerequisite of a sustainable future. Foodservice provides an increasing proportion of the world’s food needs and its chefs and operators are also prime influencers of what we eat.

So, in June this year we put the finishing touches to our plan to offer the Food Made Good programme to international partners and in doing so fired the starting gun on a race to see who could be the first territory outside the UK to launch. I’m delighted to announce that on November 26th we will have a winner! The challenge of creating FMG Hong Kong was taken on by Heidi Spurrell following completion of a masters in Food Policy at City University and work with Forum for the Future on the Future Plates series in London.

Heidi and her team started work on the licensing the Food Made Good program for Hong Kong in September and have done an amazing job to complete the set-up work within 10 weeks; localising materials and resources around our sustainability framework, securing 16 founder members, recruiting an eminent advisory board and a bringing a fantastic president onboard in Shane Osborn.

The energy of the team and the appetite for the initiative in Hong Kong, despite the current challenges, has been inspiring and I can’t wait to see how far the program can go, helping food service in Hong Kong reduce food waste, decarbonise menus, remove single use plastics and source sustainable seafood.

With Food Made Good Japan set to launch in February and Greece in March, the FMG train really has left the station and progress towards a truly global sustainable food movement is underway. Working together across borders we believe we can influence the sustainability of 10 billion meals eaten out of home every year. Hong Kong is just the start.


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