Get to know our sponsor: TiPJAR

AUTHOR: James Brown, Founder at TiPJAR

What inspired you to support the Food Made Good Awards?

We are on a mission to make the world of tipping fairer and more transparent. We saw the SRA and the Food Made Good Awards as the perfect place to showcase TiPJAR and that mission to those operators and suppliers within the industry already doing so much to change and improve our sector.


How do you see the category you’re aligning with help accelerate positive change in hospitality?

Without a doubt our industry is driven by great people at all levels of the business. The Treating Staff Fairly category aligns perfectly with our mission. We see a direct correlation between businesses who go that extra mile to recruit and retain the best staff and those who don’t. In the new age of consumer awareness your restaurant is as much about what you serve on a plate as who’s serving it and how you treat them. We’re delighted to celebrate those already doing such an ace job and hope this will inspire others to follow suit.


What sustainability issue do you expect to rise to the fore in 2020 and why?

I think with the current political climate and the challenges with the UK leaving or not leaving Europe, recruitment will continue to be a major issue for our sector. Those businesses who look after their teams the best and offer the best deal to their current and potential staff will reap the rewards by attracting and keeping the best staff within a challenging marketplace.


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