Healthy eating, healthy giving: a recipe for success

By Giles Robinson, Trekstock

Last year, UK cancer charity Trekstock launched Healthy Giving, a collaborative opportunity for food and drink brands and restaurants to make a donation on a product or healthier option menu item whilst enjoying a wide range of benefits from association with the charity. In that time we’ve worked with partners like The Detox Kitchen, The Mae Deli by Deliciously Ella, Deliverance, Tideford Organics and Filmore & Union.

Lily Simpson, founder of The Detox Kitchen, said: ‘We’re making a 25p donation on every large juice and smoothie we sell, to support young adults living with cancer.’ And Tideford Organics donated £1,000 from a month’s worth of soup sales.

Money raised by Trekstock’s foodie partners is making a vital difference to young adults living with cancer. Most people take moving into their 20s and 30s for granted, but this isn’t the case for those who are told they have cancer – everything becomes a lot more complicated. Trekstock supports the practical, everyday needs of young adults through peer-to-peer support, age appropriate information and health and wellbeing interventions.

Through planned communications campaigns, brands are enjoying measurable benefits such as:

  • Engagement with Trekstock’s online audience of over 200,000
  • Fostering good feeling amongst customer base.
  • Alignment of core values with Trekstock and enhancing CSR activity.
  • Enjoying the halo effect of Trekstock’s high profile ambassadors, including Deliciously Ella and One Direction.

How it works… A Spotlight on The Mae Deli by Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella’s Mae Deli have launched a Healthy Giving partnership with Trekstock, making a donation on their exclusive heart shaped Coconut and Blueberry Cookies. From each sale, The Mae Deli are making a 50p donation to the charity. They are also hosting a series of Supper Clubs.

Planned social media and communications activity has successfully engaged Mae Deli customers and Trekstock supporters, spiking interest and awareness for both parties.

Join Healthy Giving

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in becoming one of Trekstock’s Healthy Giving partners and raise money through your business to help Trekstock ensure no young adult has to face cancer alone. We will provide you with all the information and promotional materials you need to get started.

To find out more information about how your company can support Trekstock, please get in touch: [email protected] 0207 439 8607

Registered Charity No. 1132421
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