How do Brighton chefs cook for the climate?

By Abi Englefield, One Planet Plate Campaign Manager

Brighton is well known as a city which is sustainable and environmentally focused. As part of our One Planet Plate campaign, we sat down with the chefs from Lucky Beach and Purezza, two restaurants in the city that champion sustainability and talked to them about their One Planet Plate dishes and more! 

Filippo Rosato, Executive Chef at Purezza – with locations in Brighton, Hove, Bristol, Manchester and London

Why is using local/low carbon ingredients so important to Purezza?

We started Purezza in 2015, making us the first vegan pizzeria in the UK. Sustainability is in our DNA, and we’ve never used products resulting from animal agriculture – a significant emitter of greenhouse gases. We carry that through to other elements of our menu, using local where possible – but even our restaurants, where we reclaim and refurbish the majority of our furniture.

What was the idea behind your One Planet Plate: ‘The One with All the Seasons’?

The One with All The Seasons is our plant-based take on a four seasons pizza. The most significant adaptation is the use of a smoked beetroot carpaccio we developed to replace the traditional ham. It ties into our broader aim with the menu – respecting and paying homage to traditional Neapolitan cuisine but using innovative new plant-based foods. The crowning achievement is our signature vegan mozzarella, which we developed over several years.

What was your reason for going nut-free as well?

The reasons for removing nuts are twofold. Firstly, they are typically environmentally very unsustainable, being flown from halfway around the world for our privilege. Secondly, we are a proudly inclusive restaurant, and that extends to people with dietary restrictions and choices of all kinds. Removing nuts enables people with allergies to enjoy a wider choice of dishes from our menu.

Which of your plant-based cocktails pairs best with your One Planet Plate pizza?

Of all our pizzas, The One with All The Seasons is one of the most traditional Italian recipes we have. Therefore, it has to be a very traditional Italian cocktail – the Purezza Spritz is our take on the classic Aperol Spritz, adding a dash of fresh elderflower juice. Close your eyes during a sunny day in Brighton with one of our pizzas and this cocktail, and you could be in Naples itself!

Luke Larsson, Head Chef, Lucky Beach

How does sustainable eating translate into your menu? 

It is the backdrop of everything that we do. We have built longstanding relationships over the last 10 years with our suppliers to ensure we always feature fresh, locally sourced produce on our menu. 

What are the biggest challenges you face when creating a sustainable dish?

Overcoming customer view of pricing, encouraging cuts of meat and fish that are less popular as well as lesser-known vegetables. 

What inspired you to create your One Planet Plate: Brighton Mackerel with crispy samphire, sea buckthorn and pickled Nutbourne tomatoes 

The time of year and what was seasonal. Seeing the mackerel on the beach and available.

Lucky Beach’s seasonal One Planet Plate: Brighton Mackerel

When you aren’t at Lucky Beach, where is your favourite restaurant in Brighton to eat at? 

Mange Tout in Brighton, they are French-run restaurant who are sustainably driven.  

What advice would you give to other chefs when creating their own One Planet Plate? 

Visit local suppliers and farms. Get your team involved and build lasting relationships in the area where your business is. 

And finally, what is your favourite season? 

Summer! I pre-plan lettuce to grow in the area. 

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