What is the rating, and why should I complete it?

The ‘rating’ as it’s known, is the key tool for assessing how successfully a business is addressing the ten key areas of our sustainability framework and for tracking their progress and that of the industry. The Food Made Good Rating is the world’s largest and most comprehensive sustainability certification for Food Service Businesses. It allows businesses to take a 360 view of their actions, validate their hard work, benchmark against a broad community of businesses, and set goals for the future.

Once you complete the online self-assessment, a percentage score is calculated. Then, for those businesses which achieve the requisite thresholds, receive one, two, or three stars.

This provides businesses with a third-party accreditation, demonstrating to customers, staff, and other stakeholders, a credible assessment of commitment and execution to all things sustainable.

As a Food Made Good Rated Business, you will be listed in our community and our diner directories, celebrated in our social media and through our media partnerships, as well as accessing exclusive resources, early access events, networking opportunities, and more.

For further information, check out our FAQs, or email us at [email protected]

REady to Complete your rating?