Belmond - Le Manoir Aux Quat' Saisons

Belmond - Le Manoir Aux Quat' Saisons


2009 celebrated the silver anniversary of Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons – the 15th century manor house, which Raymond Blanc has passionately looked after for 25 years, fulfilling a personal vision – to create a hotel and restaurant where each and every guest discovers pure perfection – in food, comfort, service and welcome. The 32-room hotel and restaurant, which since opening in 1984, has achieved the highest awards and accolades of any restaurant and country house hotel in Great Britain is regarded as one of the very best in Europe. The hotel now matches the two Michelin star cuisine.

Blanc’s edict is simple yet exacting – he believes in excellence – it’s as simple as that – and this philosophy has been applied to each and everything Blanc has put his hand to. One of the few restaurants in the world to retain 2 Michelin stars for 25 years, Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons remains a Mecca for gourmets the world over. It will come as no surprise then, that he has trained 25 Michelin starred chefs in as many years.

It is impossible to sum Raymond Blanc up in a few paragraphs. He is a chef, an author, an entertainer, a teacher and a pupil. Issues are never too small or too large for him to be interested in or annoyed by. He is always eager to discover new ways to do things and communicate established ways to reconnect with the world in which we live. His admirers all agree that he has worked tirelessly to bring respectability to the industry but his first and last love is for Le Manoir, which is a symbol of all that is beautiful in life. Blanc once said that living in the UK for 25 years made him a better Frenchman. One can only dare to imagine how the next 25 years will develop for Blanc and his team.






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