Lucky Beach

Lucky Beach


Open year-round, Lucky Beach Cafe has been serving up some of the best food in Brighton since 2013. Delicious local, sustainable food and drink right in the middle of Brighton beach. We have always bought locally and managed our energy and waste carefully. Over the years we have improved our environmental impact and in 2016 we joined the UK’s Sustainable Restaurant Association to help focus our efforts. Now we are recognised as one of the UK’s most sustainable businesses, hold the highest award from the SRA and were voted the UK’s favourite restaurant by 11,000 people in Oct 17. We take our coffee pretty seriously. Just up the road we run Brightons largest (and only) organic roastery and we supply most of the better cafes across the City including our own, Redroaster, located in St James Street. We also sell coffee online and partner exclusively with Selfridges. Each year we share our profits with our Rwandan coffee farmers families and the individuals involved in helping them to become self-sufficient. This began with the construction of a school in Musenyi in 2016 which has now completed. The school construction is part of a wider project which has included safe water, community centre, farm equipment and training, and for 2017/18 a health post (900 patients a month). This year we’ll continue to support our coffee farming community in Rwanda by starting work on the health post. We would like to also start supporting the local brighton community in a similar way. In the cafe, one of our goals this year is to continue reducing waste, become more energy efficient and spread the word more to help customers and other businesses do similar. Being on the seafront, avoiding single use plastic is huge for us, we now don’t use any at all, but we’d like to encourage our neighbouring businesses and customers to do the same.






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