Rest assured RSPCA is raising animal welfare awareness

rspca assured logo

The RSPCA is rebranding Freedom Food, to raise awareness of animal welfare – an aim we wholeheartedly support.

The assurance scheme, dedicated to improving farm animal welfare, covers the whole of a farm animals’ life from birth to slaughter and the Freedom Food logo will be replaced with RSPCA Assured and a multi-coloured logo with a pig, hen and fish intertwined (see left). The charity hopes that including its well-recognised name will increase awareness not just of the brand but of what it stands for, while in the process raise interest in animal welfare more widely. The charity is also concerned that consumers don’t understand that the label can be applied for farm animals inspected to its welfare standards whether indoors, outdoors, free-range or organic.

Jeremy Cooper, Chief Executive of Freedom Food, said: ‘We believe it will bring significant benefits to our members, retailers and to the food service industry – and help bring RSPCA welfare standards to millions more farm animals.’ In the 20 years since it launched, 700 million animals have been reared to RSPCA welfare standards. Look out for a major marketing campaign and TV advertising early in the new year and if you’d like to know more about Freedom Food/RSPCA Assured, do contact your Account Manager.

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