Reuse: the trend that is here to stay

AUTHOR: Alessandra Gamba, Sustainability Strategy Manager at Globechain

Is your business moving towards being part of the circular economy? This is the next big question in the hospitality industry and is bringing awareness towards “reuse” in all the areas of the business.

Over the years the focus has been on recycling and sustainability which has led to the new norms such as replacing plastic straws for paper. More recently food wastage has become a focal point, with great initiatives being implemented to reduce this. However, there is another big waste element in the hospitality sector which is the white elephant in the room, and that is the waste generated from refurbishments and general upgrades and maintenance.

Due to the high standards, wear and tear, and expectations from consumers, refurbishments happen relatively frequently, on average every two-five years. In most instances all of the furniture, equipment and fittings are still in a good condition but perhaps just a bit dated. Traditionally, these items have ended up as waste to landfill, broken down or incinerated. In the circular economy model, the emphasis is on reuse as these items can easily be given to charities or SMEs who either reuse as is or in upcycling projects.

Globechain is the largest reuse marketplace in the UK that offers this service by connecting corporates and SMEs with charities and individuals to redistribute unneeded items creating valuable social data (ESG data – economic, social and governance data). ESG data is currently used for CSR reporting, credit financing, share pricing, impact investment and private equity funds. If consumers are not happy with a brand’s ethical stance or image, they buy less and brand value reduces. ESG calculates this impact. With over 15,000 members throughout the UK, Globechain works with some of the largest companies in retail, medical, construction and hospitality. Currently, 5.1 million kilos have already been diverted from landfill, while creating savings of more £2 million for charities.

One of our clients in the hospitality industry has made 82,300 kilos of items available for reuse and saved charities over £37,000 by listing furniture and equipment they are no longer using. Working within tight timelines, the collections usually happen within 48 hours.

At Globechain we want to lead the new generation of businesses being ‘commercial with a conscience’, enabling them to achieve their sustainability goals at the same time as creating social value.

Globechain and the SRA are launching a promotional campaign that entitles SRA’s members to receive a 50% off their first listing. As a member, all you have to do to obtain this discount is to click here and register your interest in it. Once you have done it, a member of Globechain’s staff will verify your email and provide you the promotional code. So, if you have any used items of furniture or equipment that are of no further use to you but could be given a second life, now’s your chance.

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