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Jascots Wine Merchants


Jascots Wine Merchants are independent suppliers of exclusive and delicious wines to restaurants, hotels & caterers. Famous for our amazing service, dedicated to our customers and determined to make a difference. Our pledge is to reduce our carbon footprint per bottle of wine sold towards the irreducible minimum. We only work with producers whose practices we know and understand and who meet our standards of sustainability and ethical practice. We are committed both to buying the most sustainably produced wines we can and to practising business in the most sustainable way that we know. Alongside this it is our commitment to continue furthering our own understanding of our impact on the environment and informing our suppliers and customers of the sustainable choices they can make in their own business.

We are a carbon neutral company – offsetting our emissions annually by investment in carbon positive projects. Every year, uniquely within the wine industry, our carbon footprint is independently verified by the Carbon Trust and has achieved ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certification every year since 2011. We continue to add more organic and bio-dynamic suppliers to our portfolio and we are certified organic importers by the Soil Association. We are supported by the SRA for our green credentials, in particular our low environmental impact including smart resource consumption, transportation, purchasing and low waste production. Where possible we bottle our wines in the UK in order to save carbon and minimise the environmental impact. We aim to ship over 50,000 less bottles for our customers on their key lines.




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