Open Blue Sea Farms / Open Blue Cobia


Open Blue Sea Farms / Open Blue Cobia


At Open Blue, our goal is to transform how the world grows protein, and we believe open ocean mariculture – done right – is the answer. Our interest in deep water open ocean systems developed in response to challenges for aquaculture operations located in near shore conditions. By moving farms into the open ocean we are moving fish into large water masses and the most stable environment on earth. Our fish is called cobia (Latin Rachycentron Canadum). It’s a pelagic fish living in warm waters all around the world and also a game fish to many enthusiasts. It has never been targeted by commercial fisheries. Situated 8 miles offshore in the Carribean Sea, our fish is raised in its natural environment in fully submerged SeaStations in water depths of over 100 ft. Open Blue mariculture provides a growing environment for the fish that is natural and healthy and it is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The benefit is 100% natural fish, rich in Omega 3 and a pure protein source: contaminant free, no colorants, no preventive antibiotics, very active and fit fish. We’re certified by ASC and BAP**** among others. We process and pack at source, in our BRC AA certified plant, in order to maximise fish-use and guarantee consistent quality.