Square Root Soda


Square Root Soda


Robyn and Ed started Square Root from their kitchen in 2012 selling Ginger Beer at a local farmers market. Blown away by growing demand for their drinks, in 2013 Ed and Robyn founded the Square Root Soda Works, to create innovative drinks that have had as much effort put into making them as quality alcoholic drinks.

Our award-winning drinks are, and always will be, handmade by the Square Root team, from fruit to bottle. Each drink is created from scratch using fresh ingredients, juiced or infused by our crew of skilled Soda Jerks (technical term!), using zero artificial additives. All our drinks are vegan, and we are always working to reduce food waste and environmental impact, for fizzy pop with a clear conscience!

No Shortcuts – We control the whole production process – from sourcing incredible fruit to capturing their fresh flavour in our bottles, so we can always say with absolute confidence, our drinks are of the highest quality.

No Weird Stuff – Square Root started out in Ed & Robyn’s kitchen. As we’ve grown, we’ve stayed committed to only using ingredients you’d find at home, which everyone can pronounce & recognise

No Compromises – Flavour comes first at Square Root, so you’ll never find the words “”made from concentrates”” on our drinks. We only use whole fruit and make our juices in-house from seasonal ingredients, so only the best and the freshest stuff makes its way into our bottles.

Sustainability goals 2018

Our key focus is to continue creating amazing drinks from fruit to bottle that don’t compromise on our values of using only the freshest and highest quality produce whilst continuing to support our farming suppliers.

We release our low-sugar product range in line with the farming seasons and use no artificial additives to ensure only the truest, freshest flavour possible.