The Stickleback Fish Company


The Stickleback Fish Company


Stickleback Fish is a family owned and run independent Fish and Seafood wholesaler. Our customers are attracted by the idea of a dynamic company that combines the capacity of a national supplier with the service and sustainable approach of a family business.

The team at Stickleback Fish have an in-depth knowledge of fish and seafood and the market that surround these products. We know that our customers expect exceptional value and quality from a supplier. We take pride in getting to know our customers, allowing the relationship to flourish to mutual benefit.

The success and growth of Stickleback is due to the quality of our products, the highest level of service and responsiveness to customers, our reliability and our competitive pricing.

1. Reduction in waste sent to land fill. The project resulted in a reduction of 90%. We estimate that less than 2% of our waste goes to landfill.
2. Reduction in electricity usage. A reduction of 4.7 tonnes of carbon per annum despite increasing capacity by 25%
3. Reduction in the use of single use plastic. A substantial reduction in the use of plastic has been achieved.

sustainability goals

1. All our vans Euro 6 emission compliant not just the vans that enter the London ULEZ area
2. Further improvements to re-cycling of cardboard, plastic, and paper.
3. Further other improvements that will interest our customers. Please contact us to discuss.




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