Tap into the great water debate

Have you succumbed to the drip, drip effect of constant pressure to serve tap water only, but regretted the significant loss to your bottom line? Or, perhaps you lie awake at night sweating over all those premium imported bottles of water you’re selling which, while they keep the accountants happy, are having a drastic effect on your environmental impact?

The SRA, in its quest to create the most progressive hospitality sector in the world, together with ethical supplier Belu Water, want to gain a clear understanding of what’s happening in the industry, from the people who know best – you – as a first step to providing a definitive water service roadmap.

So, we have joined forces to nail the facts, about what water is being served, what operators really want to serve and, in time, what consumers would like to be served. Together, we believe we’re uniquely placed to reach out to all corners of the industry, businesses of all shapes and sizes, listen to what you’ve got to say, collate the findings, match them with the best sustainability advice and provide you with an all-encompassing, comprehensive and user-friendly strategy to help the whole industry progress towards the most sustainable water policy in the world.

That means that for phase one of this three year partnership, we will be looking to operators like you to provide us with data, experiences and opinions so we can best assess the challenges and opportunities ahead.

How you can get involved:

    1         Share information about your business’ current approach to water and the challenges and opportunities you face. This interview would be treated in the strictest confidence, and would be used to gain insights into key challenges, successes and opportunities for improvement within the sector.

     2         Attend a round table discussion on water service in the industry. We will be hosting a handful of invitation only round table discussions, and would like your business to be a part of our network. All discussion would be under Chatham House Rules and would focus on non-competitive information. The first of these invitation only roundtable discussions will be at Food Matters Live on 23 November.

To get involved or share your point of view please contact Juliane, [email protected].

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