The Good Egg and Virgin Atlantic flying the flag for sustainability


It’s not every day that an SRA member restaurant gets contacted by an international airline enquiring if they want to collaborate on a menu for their new international air route. But that’s exactly what happened to the guys at The Good Egg and when you understand more about their menu and the airline and route in question it all starts to make sense.

Group Head Chef, Juliette O’Sullivan, picks up the story: “Virgin Atlantic approached us for the collaboration aftTher eating in our restaurant. Virgin Atlantic’s new route to Tel Aviv is really exciting for us, and we’re incredibly pleased that more people are going to be able to explore the buzzing, vibrant city of Tel Aviv. Virgin Atlantic shares the same passion for, quality, Tel Aviv, and the city’s cuisine as we do, so the collaboration was a natural alignment.”

The Good Egg’s menu has always been inspired by the food scene in Tel Aviv. And the menu Juliette and her team have created for Premium and Upper Class passengers whether up in the air or in the Heathrow Clubhouse is designed to start their journey with a taste of the Israeli city.

Dishes like labneh and pitta, lamb shawarma and one of The Good Egg’s signature dishes – its babka – will provide a really authentic flavour.

Juliette added: “To be able to give Virgin customers a taste of The Good Egg while they’re on their Virgin flight to this amazing city is really exciting. We’re thrilled to know that more people will be able to discover the incredible things that Tel Aviv has to offer and to mark the beginning of their trip.”

Knowing that Virgin Atlantic was as committed to sustainability as they are at the Stoke Newington and Carnaby Street restaurants, was a major plus for Juliette and her team.

“It’s been great to know that we could create our menu knowing that there wouldn’t be any compromise on the high quality and sustainability standards that we hold in our restaurant. it was really a case of marrying these existing features together in the collaboration.”

Having signed off on the design of the dishes, the guys from The Good Egg visited the production kitchen where the meals are prepared for Virgin.

Juliette added: “We had the pleasure of visiting the base and working directly with the team of chefs responsible for producing the food – creating a menu under such restrictions and working with food under these different parameters has been a real eye opener.”


good and and virgin atlantic team outside the good egg


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